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Health and Safety - Course Risk Assessment

Health and Safety – Course Risk Assessment
Members, Guests and Visitors are kindly reminded that we conduct comprehensive Risk Assessments to ensure the safe operation of our facility. In this respect, it is your responsibility as a golfer, caddie or spectator on the course to ensure that you take note of the following:
  • Practising is strictly limited to the Designated Practice Areas of the Club which are (a) the Practice Nets located to the rear of the putting green. (b) The Putting Green. In the interests of safety, practice is prohibited in all other areas.
  • You are advised to use all steps on the course with caution, particularly in wet or frosty conditions.
    You are advised to approach all trees, copse and water features on the course with caution, particularly during windy or other adverse weather conditions. The club has an ongoing programme for the removal of dangerous branches. Please inform the team at the Pro Shop if you identify additional concerns.
  • Please follow directional signage for buggies and trolleys as these routes have been developed and introduced for your safety. Please also ensure you familiarise yourself with the proper use of golf buggies, this information is provided within each buggy.
  • Climbing over boundary walls or fences or, into any of the water features is strictly prohibited. All caution to be taken should you attempt to retrieve balls from these features using the scoops provided. Warning notices are in place at these locations but, should you find yourself in difficulty life rings are also provided.
  • You are advised to avoid oral contact with anything that comes into contact with the golf course, particularly when caution signs indicate that chemicals have recently been sprayed on the course. Signage is displayed at the 1st Tee when chemical spraying is in operation.
  • In the event that you come across any dead wildlife on the course, please avoid contact and advise any member of the club staff who will then deal with this matter.
  • You are advised to exercise caution, and at all times be aware that you are at potential risk of being hit by another golfer’s ball and to follow the advice by way of cautionary notices that are placed in ‘high-risk’ areas on the course.
  • Please note that bells are provided on the 3rd and 15th hole, so that golfers playing behind you, can be advised that you have reached a suitable distance ahead for them to continue playing, without risk of hitting you or your group. Please ensure you use this facility.
  • Never play a shot unless the players ahead are well out of range. If a mis-hit shot is heading in the direction of other golfers, you must shout “FORE” in a loud voice to alert players of the possible danger. If “FORE” is heard, please take appropriate evasive action.
  • Golfers should always stand well back and to the side of the player who is playing their shot, both on the tee and on all other areas of the Course.
  • It is recommended that all golfers are adequately insured in respect of the risks involved in playing golf, covering injury to either themselves or other golfers.
  • The greens team are regularly working on the course whilst golf is in progress. Please ensure that they are aware of and have acknowledged your presence prior to playing in their proximity.
  • When weather is particularly severe or there is the threat of thunderstorms, the Club may deem it necessary to suspend play until such time as it is fit to continue. The suspension of play will be communicated by the sound of a air-horn On hearing the air-horn we strongly advise you to return to the Clubhouse and await further instruction.
All Members, Guests and Visitors are kindly requested to bring to the General Manager any issues related to the Golf Club or Course Safety that they require addressing.